Evaluations Welcome

    MMR 2017 is in the books. If you were present this year I would like to invite you to give a word or two of evaluation.  You can do so by sending me an email (fbcftmojaveaz@ctaz.com) or by leaving a comment down below. When you so do you can comment on the normal … Continue reading Evaluations Welcome

Lessons Learned from MMR2016

There were certain lessons learned in last year’s event that we are addressing for MMR2017.  Let me tell you about some of the changes. Food: When selecting the food I choose from a list the camp provides. I went up and down the list and selected those items which most sounded like man-food to me.  … Continue reading Lessons Learned from MMR2016

Speakers and Worship Leaders for MMR 2017

Work has been progressing nicely on MMR2017.   Let me give you some details. A group of cooperating churches are now working together to make decisions and pull together the retreat details.  In addition to this AZSBC personnel and resources are still supporting the event, as is River Valley Mission Network.  Other Associations are welcome to … Continue reading Speakers and Worship Leaders for MMR 2017