Free Book Available in Retreat Breakout Session

The retreat will again have a number of breakout sessions available during the free time on Saturday afternoon.  The final list of these and the schedule will be published later, but as of today we have exciting news about one of them. Ralph Tone of Lifeway will be one of the breakout leaders again this … Continue reading Free Book Available in Retreat Breakout Session

Registration Opens Today

Please peruse the tabs above to learn more about the 2018 retreat. Beginning today we are accepting reservations from churches that want to reserve slots. You can download all of the different documents you need on the Forms tab above. You can learn about the history of this event on the About tab above. You … Continue reading Registration Opens Today

Evaluations Welcome

    MMR 2017 is in the books. If you were present this year I would like to invite you to give a word or two of evaluation.  You can do so by sending me an email ( or by leaving a comment down below. When you so do you can comment on the normal … Continue reading Evaluations Welcome

What NOT to do at MMR2017

We are just a couple of days away from the start of the retreat.  I promised that I would give you some suggestions on what not to do. So here goes. Don’t set your expectations so high that nothing will make you happy once you arrive.  On a similar note don’t expect to be busy … Continue reading What NOT to do at MMR2017

Don’t Forget Your Earplugs!

Yesterday I scanned through my post from a few days ago listing what you should bring with you to the retreat.  I noticed that I had somehow forgotten one of the most important items.  Bring Earplugs. Even though it seems as if you would never be able to fall asleep with these in, you will … Continue reading Don’t Forget Your Earplugs!

Creating the Best Retreat Experience

Today let me give you some advice on how to help your guys have the best experience. Setting the Best Goal for Your Experience I believe the goal you should set for the retreat is team building, creating a solid, functioning group. It is true that some of your men might make initial commitments for … Continue reading Creating the Best Retreat Experience

Final Payments

First let me mention that if you have any additional payments that need to be made, consider today April 28, to be the last day to mail in payments.  If you are unable to get a payment in the mail today then please bring it with you instead in order to avoid risk of it … Continue reading Final Payments