David and Staying the Course

In recent articles about King David’s Journey to the throne I have addressed: The goals of men’s ministry, Conflict that are likely in starting men’s ministry, A realistic viewpoint of the men gathered, and The key lessons to teach the men in the ministry. Today I want to addressing the need for leadership to continually … Continue reading David and Staying the Course

David’s Key Issues

In previous notes we have discussed the goals for men’s ministry, conflict within men’s ministry and most recently group building.  This article will explore some of the possible central teachings for men. When you study the early period of David’s group you will see certain patterns emerging. There are three key issues that catch my … Continue reading David’s Key Issues

David’s Core Group

In previous notes we discussed the need for Men’s ministry to move from spiritual training to practical activity and the strong likelihood for conflict within men’s ministry, especially at the start.  This article will talk about the gathering of men after the ministry is up and running. In 1 Samuel 22:1-2 you see David begin … Continue reading David’s Core Group

David Starting Conflicts

I have already discussed the two introductions we have to David in 1 Samuel 16 and 17.  You can look back to learn more about the balance needed in Men’s ministry between spiritual life and practical accomplishment. In the following chapters we can continue to learn something about men’s ministry from a careful study of … Continue reading David Starting Conflicts

David as a Men’s Leader

Have you ever noticed that David is introduced twice in the Bible? The first time we meet David is in 1 Samuel 16 when Samuel is instructed to anoint a new king because Saul has been rejected.  After being anointed, David is almost immediately summoned to the royal court.  The court was looking for a … Continue reading David as a Men’s Leader