MMR 2018 Registration is Open.

Below are a number of documents that you will need to sign up your church to participate, promote the event to your men and to sign up individual men.  You can click on the links to get access to the documents in order to download them. Most of the forms are PDFs and can be downloaded by pressing a down arrow on the upper right side of your screen.  The graphics can be downloaded by right clicking after the full sized image is visible and choosing save picture.  The spreadsheet will ask if you want to save it.

Reserve Slots

The first thing you need is a Church Participation Agreement.  This form allows your church to reserve a certain number of slots. It is generally best to reserve the most slots that you are positive you can fill. Then if you get additional men wanting to go, contact us and reserve additional slots until the camp is full. Reserving slots cost $35 each, which , will be repaid by the men who sign up a little later in the process.

Church Participation Agreement

Promote the Event

Here is a video you can use to promote the event to your men.  Vimeo Link  If you want to download the video and have a dropbox account, or don’t mind making one, follow this link.  Download Video

There are a couple of different formats of poster you can use.  MMR Poster 11 x 17   MMR Poster 8.5 x 11

As well as brochures.  MMR Brochure

Here is a poster you can use to promote for ladies to give the retreat to men in their lives as a gift Ladies Gift Idea

Here is a flier that can be used to encourage new churches to sign up  Three Steps

Or if you can download our clipart to use in newsletters or websites.









Register Your Men

You utilize either of these tools to keep track of which of your men have paid and are ready to attend.  You can send the information to us in either form, but the spreadsheet is the easiest.  Be sure to keep a copy of the information for yourselves, knowing that if any emergency arises it could be during transportation to and from the event. In either case, be sure to get the information and final payment to us before April 5 so that your men each get a free event tshirt.

Individual Registration Form  Church Registration Spreadsheet