Thanks largely to the Cooperative Program, the AZSBC, and every church that faithfully gives to missions, every attender at this year's retreat will be receiving a free copy of the speaker, Rod Handley's book. Remember we are now less than a month away from T-shirt deadline. We are also less than two months away from … Continue reading Books!


The good news is we now have two lifeguards. The goal is to have all the water events open through the entire Saturday rec time. I had been pretty sure that would mean having two lifeguards. And with your help I secured two lifeguards this week and also confirmed their credentials were in order. The … Continue reading Lifeguards

The Reservation Process

Let me take a minute to review the process groups use to reserve space at our retreat. First download and fill out a Participating Church Agreement. There is a variation of this form called the Participating Group Agreement that can be used when the group is not coming under the leadership of a church. In … Continue reading The Reservation Process