Camp Weather

When getting ready for an event like this retreat, its normal to look ahead at the weather. So far it looks great.

  • Friday – 38 to 70 degrees
  • Saturday – 45 to 76 degrees
  • Sunday – 49 to 78 degrees

But let me suggest three further considerations.

First, remember that they are constantly perfecting their forecast.  Everyday the predictions will change a little bit.  The low front passing through a few days earlier might be delayed, or dissipate completely.

Second, living in desert regions makes us focus more on the highs.  The mountains are different. Where I live the hottest part of the day is late day and it continues to be hot most of the night.  But in the mountains the high might be hit early afternoon and the temperature drops sharply in the evenings.  So, bring your coats and cold-weather clothes for early mornings and evenings.

Finally, don’t be surprised if the weather forecast is wrong.  The mountains often create micro-climates,  spots where the weather is consistently altered.  The camp is in one of those, making the Williams weather forecast at least slightly different than what the camp gets.  For example, the pine trees can moderate a windy day.  If the wind is moist and southerly, Williams might get monsoon showers off the peaks, but the camp could be dry.  If the wind is moist and northerly, it could be the other way around.

Best suggestion, bring extra clothes that allow you to be prepared for surprises.

Worst suggestion, bring nothing but shorts.

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