Praying for MMR2018

You might be anticipating going to MMR2018 this week, or you might be seeking to pray for a loved one who is at MMR.  In either case, let me tell you about the prayer we are doing in preparation for the event and suggest ways you can join us in praying for the event.

Prayer Walking and Laying the Prayer Foundation

I also want to encourage you by letting you know that our team is praying for every individual man in several ways.  They will prayer walk their way through the cabins praying for each individual bunk. They will likely also pray for each chair in the worship center. Prior to arriving we will pray for each nametag.

Ways You can Pray Before the Event

Pray for the safety of everyone as they travel – Speakers, workers, music personnel, attenders, everyone.

Pray for the stress level of the men to be lowered by the setting.

Pray for the registration process to go smoothly.

Pray that God uses the speaker to give His message to these men.

Pray that the men will trust one another and share honestly during cabin time.

Pray that the event will be injury free, especially during the recreation time.

Pray for a deeper level of Biblical understanding among the men.

Pray for a deeper level of Biblical practice, especially through service in the church, to result.

Ways to pray During the event


Friday afternoon – Pray for safe travel, for the men to slip out of valley mode (stressed) and into mountain mode (relaxed), and for everyone to arrive on time.

Friday evening – Pray for a positive mood at the first worship service, and that this session sets the right direction for all following sessions.

Friday Night – Pray for team building and positive fellowship among the men of each church, and then for a good night’s sleep.

Saturday Morning – Pray for worship, speaker and music team, and for the men to grow deeper in accountable relationships.

Saturday Afternoon – Pray for relaxation, recreation and restoration as the men do the different camp activities, but also pray for safety.

Saturday Evening – Pray for worship, and the beginning of fresh commitments in the hearts of the men.

Saturday Night – Pray for unstructured time that the men spend together, and that they would sleep well.

Sunday Morning – Pray that they will stay focused until the end, and that when they leave they carry no regrets away from the event.

Sunday Afternoon – Pray that the men have safe travel home, and that they arrive with a willingness to give positive testimony to their growth and time together.

Afterward – Pray for the men to continue in their growth, and that they will serve faithfully in their churches.

Thank you for praying.

Your prayers invite God to work at MMR2018

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