The Registration Process

Let me give you a few tips for a smooth registration process.

First impressions mean a lot.  The beauty of camp, the cool mountain air, and the smell of the pines are all things which help to set the mood for a relaxing weekend.  But if that is placed in opposition to a hectic and chaotic registration process then it will hinder the entire weekend for whoever gets stressed out.

1)      Remember many roads get more crowded on Friday afternoon.  Often Interstate 17 northbound is very crowded.  I have found it to be useful to leave early in the day, arrive in Williams for lunch and then do something restful, such as hiking, fishing, golf or walking around town until registration opens at 4:00 pm.

2)      Don’t try to get on camp before 4:00 pm unless you are a part of the admin team, a speaker or part of the music for this event.  Never convince yourself you can lift the gate, it turns out that breaks it and it’s expensive to repair.  (I only know this because I have heard other people say it. Not because I did it. No really, I didn’t lift the gate and break it.)

3)      Know where you are going to be lodged.  All of the team leaders will know what rooms their groups are being housed in before leaving home.  If they will share it with their men, then they can get off to a good start by parking as close as possible to their housing.

4)      Register in groups, not individuals.  If you travel up in a carload or even with whole church together, send one representative to get the group with him registered. This way the Ironwood Lobby doesn’t get overcrowded. The representative will carry out the nametags and shirts. If you do travel up alone, come on in and register yourself. (If someone had to register late, catch up with us in the Goldmine Lobby)

5)      Know the names of everyone with you and the name of the church you are attending.  The camp is requiring a release form from every person.  Handing this to the person registering your group. It is an easy way to convey those names and give us the necessary paperwork.

6)      If someone doesn’t have the form ready we will have blanks with us.  Don’t block the registration process for others while you fill out the forms though.

7)      After you are registered move all your stuff to your room, claim your bunks and make your beds.  But as you do consider carefully who is able to take an upper bunk.  For those groups who have multiple rooms you might also consider who is able to climb stairs easiest.  In fact, your group leader might reserve certain spots for those with specific needs.

8)      Finally, rest, relax and feel free to slip back off campus and buy yourself dinner in Williams.  In fact, feel free to bring me back a burger.  Just be back in time for the first session, maybe a few minutes earlier if you are bringing me a burger.

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