Two Weeks Out

We are two weeks out from the event as I write this.

There is a map of the camp available. If you look over the map there are several things you will want to take note of.

We have been given four buildings for housing the men. Blackriver, Cottonwood, Diamond, and Echo Canyon. Notice that this is 4 out of 6 buildings that form the main housing area. It also helps if you notice that the bunkrooms within these buildings follow an alphabetic pattern. So all rooms that begin with B such as Bobcat or Bullseye are in Black River.

Worship will take place in Iron Horse, as will registration on the first day.

Speakers, band, and organizers will housed in Gold Mine. Anyone registering late should plan on checking for us in the lobby of Gold Mine.

Food will be served in Elk Horn. Likely it will also be the location one of the other groups on campus is using for worship. This means it will likely be tight seating and restricted access at times. But likely it will have free coffee in the mornings.

Very soon group leaders will be given an email allowing them to know what room, or rooms, their groups will be placed in. Please register first before going to your room. And please remember that groups are not allowed onto the grounds to register until 4:00 pm

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