Getting to Know Your Servers

Recently, I was nosing around to see what other options there are for retreats of this type and venues that could host an event like this.  I found another retreat that seemed impressive, but the venue was ‘rustic’ and the cost was significantly higher.

The reason that we are able to offer this retreat at a lower rate is that Lost Canyon requires that we supply many of the workers.  Specifically they ask us to bring about 1 server for every 10 men.  Figuring the hours they work if we were paying for these workers in traditional ways it would add a significant amount to the cost of the retreat. The servers we bring in are from Set Free, Needles.

Set Free is a non-traditional church which specifically has a very high success rate at reaching and helping people caught in life’s most severe traps, by taking them through a residential discipleship program.  We use the one located in Needles because it is close to us, we have a great relationship with the church, and we already know that they have a high reliability when doing service projects like this.

They will be there to help with food service and whatever else needs to be done. They are doing this as a fundraiser for their ministry, but more so they also do it because they love the Lord and love to serve.  They literally are working for a love offering and hot showers.  So when you are interacting with your servers, remember these are not camp staff but brothers and sisters in the Lord that are there to bless you.  When you see the offering plate come around to give to this ministry, be generous.  If you can’t afford to be generous, then choose to be kind.  If you wish you can throw a thank you note into the offering plate, either in addition to a gift or if finances are tight in lieu of a gift.

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