Two Months Out

We are a little more than a month out from the T-shirt deadline, and about two months out from the event. Let me take this opportunity to remind you of some details about getting your guys registered. I also have a new detail which Lost Canyon is requiring.

First, remember that T-shirts will be ordered on April 5. So in order for your men to get a T-shirt you must have their final payment, name and T-shirt size in my hands on that date. I have encouraged setting your deadline on Sunday, April 1, and then dropping a check in the mail to me the next morning.

When you send that check make sure it is made out to First Baptist Church. This year I have received checks made out to Charles Short and MMR but we need the check made out to First Baptist Church as they administrate the retreat. A side note, it is possible to send me a pile of checks from the individual men, but it is greatly easier on us if you combine all of the men’s funds into one church check.

It will also help me if you send an email when the check and registration list is in the mail. Also think about this, most churches have a procedure that takes several days to get a check cut. If this is the case, make your preparations early, otherwise your registrations will likely arrive after the deadline.

It is not uncommon for men to desire to sign up late. Chances are we will continue to have open slots.  Check with me to verify the camp is not full, and I will work out whether to have you mail theirs or bring it with you depending on how close the event is.

Finally then let me tell you about a new detail. Lost Canyon now requires their own form with a release of liability. That form is now available on the website. It is quite detailed and for some it might be off-putting. Please communicate to your men that they should not be concerned about these forms. The only section that absolutely has to be filled in is name and a signature on the release of liability. However, it may benefit them greatly to fill in more information if they have any kind of accident. If your group is traveling together you may want to keep the form handy to use in case of an accident along the way.

The camp is indicating that I cannot allow anyone to stay who does not provide a signed copy of this form. So, in order to prevent this from being a last minute problem, communicate to all of your guys in order to get these form filled out and brought with them when they arrive.

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