Website Changes

Look at your address bar in your web browser and it should no longer say  Instead it should now say  This is our new domain name.

If you are breaking out in a cold sweat because you just told all your guys to look us up under the old domain name, don’t sweat it.  The old URL will still work, and will always work.  However beginning with MMR 2019, next year I will publicize the shorter easier address instead.

In addition you should see some other changes to the website.  For example, there should no longer be any ads on the site.  But the site should begin to look different soon too.  I have a design in mind, now let’s see if I can bring it about in the next few days.

As always feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns about the retreat.  In a few days I expect to be able to set up a contact me page on the site making it easier.

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