David and Staying the Course

In recent articles about King David’s Journey to the throne I have addressed:

  • The goals of men’s ministry,
  • Conflict that are likely in starting men’s ministry,
  • A realistic viewpoint of the men gathered, and
  • The key lessons to teach the men in the ministry.

Today I want to addressing the need for leadership to continually walk in a trusting relationship with the Lord and give at least one hint to make that possible.

The first time you ever placed your faith in Christ it might have been easy or tough depending on your personality.  Since that time you have probably learned to place turn your trust over to Him and His capable hands, over and over again.  It becomes easier with each step, but what is much harder, for me at least, is not taking it back from Him again.

For David there was a couple of really good opportunities to move himself into the throne on his own schedule instead of with God’s timing.  You see twice he was in a position, where he could have killed Saul. (1 Samuel 24 and 1 Samuel 26) In both instances his men were pushing him to take that opportunity.  They believed the opportunity was given to david by the Lord. He might have even lost some of their respect by refusing to slay Saul when the opportunity was right in front of him.

David in both cases stated that he would not raise his hand against God’s anointed. He viewed the opportunity to kill Saul as a test rather than God’s plan to move him into power. From the perspective of history, we know that David interpreted the situation correctly.

David, remember, did not have the luxury of the historical viewpoint, so how exactly did he know that God’s will was not to do what seemed obvious to so many others. The answer must be in David’s personal relationship with God or in His ideology about God’s will.  Or more likely the combination of these things.

As you lead men be sure to be strong in your own personal walk with God. If you are not strong in the Lord, you will be bounced from opinion to opinion by the men you lead. Men will often be happy to tell you what God’s will for you is. It gets harder to hear from God as the men get louder, so it falls on you to know God well enough to recognize His leading even among the other voices.

Another tool David seemingly used though, was to anchor himself to God with certain principles. In this case, David believed that Saul had been anointed by God, was therefore under God’s care, and God had a multitude of ways to remove Saul from this earth, in His own timing. So the offshoot of all this is that David did not have to take a part in removing Saul, he just needed to keep trusting God to be God.

My point for today is to stay strong in the Lord, both in your individual relationship and your knowledge of how He works. These steps will not just protect you, but will protect the ministry as well.

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