David’s Key Issues

In previous notes we have discussed the goals for men’s ministry, conflict within men’s ministry and most recently group building.  This article will explore some of the possible central teachings for men.

When you study the early period of David’s group you will see certain patterns emerging. There are three key issues that catch my attention among this rough group of men that became David’s core group. These same three points would be good starting points for teaching in your men’s ministry.

First, they needed to learn to submit to the Lord, specifically in a salvation relationship.  David led under God’s leadership, but if these men did not also respect the Lord they could undo whatever David’s submission to God and leadership of the group accomplished. Around the church if there is not agreement on this most fundamental issue then all other progress is meaningless.

Second, they took responsibility for their families. You can see frequent mention that each man had his family with him, a surprising fact for a roaming group of guerrilla soldiers.  The beginning points of leading a responsible life is taking care of your family. The erosion of the family has become a societal norm, but that is exactly the reason we must not ignore it with our men.

Third, they accepted David as their leader. Perhaps the most common struggle in the church is wrestling with who is in charge, who gets to make what decisions and how individuals stake out their territory. If a man does not respect his leaders, trouble will follow, and both of the previous goals will be stopped in their tracks. Yet it is in the nature of men to wrestle with these points at any point that they do not see them clearly delineated.  Some men will go challenge leadership even when it is openly visible.

In conclusion, the main lesson I want you to get out of this article is that teaching must be intentional and goal oriented.  Your first three goals or topics may be to:

  • Give them a relationship with Jesus.
  • Help them to lead their families.
  • Require them to be under the authority of Jesus in the church, as expressed through the church leadership.

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