Last Minute Observations

Good Evening,

Bright and early tomorrow morning, the men of my church will gather for breakfast at a local diner, and then attempt to be on the way to Williams for this year’s Retreat.  Chances are that a lot of you will be doing about the same thing, and therefore will not see this update.

But let me post for those who will see it, a couple of observations you may want to know.

First, did you see the weather?  The first day will almost reach 80. Then the second day the wind will pick up.  I am glad the area we are in is partially protected by the trees.  The high that day will only be high sixties.  That means Saturday Night and Sunday morning its likely to feel downright cold, and the high on Sunday is low fifties.

Moral of the story, have some cold weather clothes and some warm weather clothes.

One final point is that I have added three optional breakout sessions for those who would like to do more laid back things during the Saturday free time.

Robert Comeaux, worship leader for the retreat, will be teaching on Music for Men.

Ralph Tone, Lifeway Church Representative, will be teaching a session on Men’s Ministry Curriculum.

Charles Short, that’s me, Director of MMR2017, will lead a discussion on Men’s Ministry and the future of this retreat.

One final point you may wish to note is that Ralph Tone will be giving away a free copy of Unfolded, by Eric Geiger, while supplies last, to the men who attend his session.  That was enough to make me commit to being there.  How about you?

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