What NOT to do at MMR2017

We are just a couple of days away from the start of the retreat.  I promised that I would give you some suggestions on what not to do.

So here goes.

Don’t set your expectations so high that nothing will make you happy once you arrive.  On a similar note don’t expect to be busy every minute but instead look for quiet moments to stop smell the pine trees.

Don’t forget that northbound traffic on I-17 can take a little extra time on Fridays.  Or if you are coming from another direction what traffic will be like in your world.

Don’t lift the gate by hand to get in.  They will open registration at 4:00 pm and later they will give us all a code that will open the gate.  But lifting it by hand results in expensive repairs.

Don’t smoke outside of the smoking area.  Pine forests are highly flammable and you don’t want to be remembered as that guy who burnt the camp to the ground.

Don’t overeat.  Even though the food is good and has an all you can eat style, you can eat yourself miserable if you are not careful. But don’t under eat either since the increase in elevation requires a little more out of you than normal.

Don’t neglect drinking lots of water.  Elevation sickness can often be avoided by drinking lots of water.  If you feel a headache coming on, consider it a signal that you are not drinking enough water yet.

Don’t write your name anywhere thinking it will be a hoot to come back and see your name next year.  They will expect a large payment for each individual act of vandalism caused by the group.

Don’t convince yourself that the name tag is stupid and refuse to wear it.  It will help others to be friendlier with you.  And it will help the feeding crew know that you are supposed to get fed.

Don’t overshare or under share during cabin time.  Let yourself and everyone else think about what they would like to say and be comfortable with a reasonable amount of silence.

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