Registration Process

We are about a week out from the retreat.

First impressions mean a lot and one way that you can help your men to have a positive first impression of their camp experience is to help us to have as smooth of a process at registration as possible.

If you have a payment to send in for new registrations please have it in the mail today or tomorrow. (Mail no later than April 28.) If you are unable to send it by this time then please bring it with you to camp instead.  One of the consequences of living out on the corner of the state is that sometimes mail takes an extra day or two to arrive, so something mailed on Saturday or Monday, might well not arrive here in time.

The second way you can help us out is to make sure we have an accurate list of all of your men’s names so that we can have their name tags ready in advance. (For most of you this is covered in your registration lists sent in already) If you as the leader have every name in your group given to us in advance then we will have preprinted name tags, bundled with their cabin information, and their shirts if they are receiving one. Registering will be as simple as us checking off names and us handing over those men’s bundles.

Don’t hesitate to make last-minute substitutions or additions and bring them with you including payment if necessary.  We will hand print name tags for these individuals, but of course this will slow down the process.

Group leaders could come in and register their entire group in a matter of minutes and then distribute the information to their team.  This will work best for small groups.  We understand larger churches will not be able to all travel together and register together so we will be able to accommodate either groups or individuals at the registration tables.

We do suggest that you do not register a person until they arrive.  If you register a person who never arrives we will not be able to repay any of that persons registration fee.  I totally understand some of you will do so for the convenience factor, in so doing please accept the slight risk mentioned here.

The registration process will be taking place in the lobby at Iron Horse, which is the main worship center, located at the very far end of the circle of buildings.   Soon camp maps will be available on the website.

As always feel free to contact me with your questions.  (928-727-9024  or

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