What to Bring

Perhaps the most common question for the first-time attender at this camp is, What do I need to bring?

First let me tell you some things that are provided for you. 

The camp will provide bedding and a bath towel. Of course, if you want your own pillow or blankets you can bring them.

They will provide food starting with a late-night ice cream snack on Friday night and ending with breakfast on Sunday.  They will provide some great recreational opportunities such as a hot tub, the zip line, basketball and volleyball courts, and more.

So now let me give you some advice on what to bring. 

First bring clothes for both cold and hot weather.  You will likely see cold nights and warm days.  You will likely want a good shade hat, your swim suit, and a beach towel of your own for the water activities.  The camp requests that you leave their bath towels in the rooms, and not use them at the pool, hot tub or zip line.

Second bring toiletries including soap, shampoo, sunscreen and lip balm.  They can sell you these things at the little store, but it will not always be open.  Also, be sure to include your medications, if you take any.  If you use a c-pap or any other such devise be sure to pack it too, but you might want to also bring an extension cord in case you are stuck a little way from the nearest plug.

You will probably want to bring cell phone, with a charger, perhaps a camera, or some computing device. But you will also want to carefully track these things if you bring them.  There is public WiFi in several places, but it is iffy in the sanctuary so you will likely to be able to use an online Bible.  Of course, readers that already have it downloaded will not be affected.

You will certainly want to have a Bible with you of some form, but note as stated above that it cannot rely on internet access and be reliable. For the sessions, you will also want to have a notepad and something to write with.

Finally you will want to have some extra money with you. This will be needed to get food on the way there, such as dinner before the first session and lunch on the way home.  But there will also be two love offerings.  One will be to support the ministry of Set Free who has a group there to do the serving.  The other will be to support the music leaders and speakers.  Please plan on being generous in all cases.  This retreat cost less than many others largely in part to these individuals choosing to serve. This is your chance to show your appreciation.

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