Welcome Pastor Jackie Allen

Announcing a change in the speakers for this year’s retreat.  Pastor Noe Garcia has had to withdraw.  I have taken some time to pray through a number of different options since that occurred and finally chose to ask Pastor Jackie Allen, Lead Pastor of Palm Vista Baptist Church and currently serving as President of the Arizona Southern Baptist Convention, if he would consent to taking that slot.


I almost talked myself out of asking him, because as you can see, he has a few things going on.  But since he has agreed I am very excited about his participation and look forward to hearing from him.

Now I bet a lot of you are asking yourselves, what about all those posters and brochures that list the previous speaker?  I will make the change in the materials on the forms tab up above as soon as I can.  But it might take me a few more days.  There is a picture available there now if you want to download it and make your own changes. Since the time is short some of you may wish to simply make the announcement verbally to your guys, the choice is yours.

People do have a tendency too miss that tab button up above, so here is a pointer to it.  If you have not gone through the resources there you are missing out on some great promotion  opportunities.


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