Slot Reservations Complete

As of today I am closing the potential for new churches to contact me and begin the process for attending in May 2017.

Those churches that have contacted me and either reserved slots or let me know how many slots they anticipate reserving, stay in close contact with me to be sure that we  accommodate your men.

If there are groups that realize they have more slots than they can use, please let me know as soon as you are certain.  I realize that you cannot be reasonably certain this early so please don’t release slots too early, instead see if you have additional men who would be blessed to attend.

For groups that need extra slots call me, and I will do my best to make it work.  However, please do not promise a slot to anyone above the number you reserved until after speaking with me.

For groups that have stated there is a check in the mail, or that one will be shortly mailed. Please follow through on the timing promised in order to prevent giving me a heart attack.  (just kidding)  Since we are so full I need to put a deadline on paying for your initial reservations.  Let me ask that these checks arrive here no later than February 20.

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