Breakout Sessions

For the retreat this year we will have three optional sessions available for the men to attend during the Saturday afternoon free time if they are interested.

First Robert Comeaux will be leading a session on music as it relates to men’s ministry. The content of this session will be up to the leader but I could picture addressing how to recruit men into the music program, how to make worship music more man friendly, and how or when to incorporate music in a men’s meeting. Wouldn’t be surprised if there was a little singing involved.

Second Ralph Tone will be leading a session on Lifeway’s curriculum that is suitable for men’s ministry. One of the challenges to men’s ministry is finding the right Bible study. For senior men it can seem like everything is addressed to family leaders. For younger men it can feel like the messages are from their father’s generation. Come and learn what opportunities lifeway has for us to overcome these dilemmas.

Finally Charles Short will lead a round table discussion for men’s ministry leaders.  Tell us what works for you, what doesn’t work for you, and ask your questions. In addition, if a leader wants to step up and help plan next year’s event this is where you sign up.

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