Report on MMR 2016

It is only a couple of days past the retreat. Present at the retreat were 14 churches and 161 men. Although the recreation time included a thunderstorm that shut down most of the attractions, it was still a good and positive time.

The retreat was a success in many wonderful ways. It is especially exciting to see one of the attending churches set up a Men’s Ministry shortly after arriving home.

Coming out of the retreat, we now have a team available to help with planning next year’s event. In case you did not see the announcements, next year we will have Dr. Jeff Iorg as our speaker. He is the president of Golden Gate Seminary and a very good friend of Arizona Southern Baptists.  The dates will be May 5-7, which is the weekend before Mother’s Day.  We are shooting for a leadership theme, something like Training Men to Lead the Church or Servant Leadership.  But its early enough that we will be flexible, if Dr. Iorg has a different and better idea.

Its not to early to begin planning with your church. Watch for ideas in future posts. After a new theme is chosen we might even designate a new website for MMR 2017. But don’t worry it will remain connected to this one.

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