First Retreat Video

First let me apologize for the broken promise.  I had said on the last day of the retreat this video would be up by Sunday night.  I might have made it but a high speed chase, Shots fired event on Interstate 40 changed my plans.  No I wasn’t close enough to get any excitement, but my group was stranded on the interstate for about an hour, and then our lunch stop in Seligman was also highly backed up as well.

But on the other side of the coin, since I wasn’t able to put it up last night, I worked on it some this morning and am actually happier with the resulting video.  The original had been edited together on Saturday night of the retreat, but I was able to be a little more careful in the production of this one.

It is uploaded to Vimeo and you should be able to show it from the internet or download it to show it to your church or group.  If it doesn’t work the minute I post, be patient I will be working out the bugs, and remembering how this stuff works.

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