Registration Information

We are about two weeks out from the retreat. Let me see if I can answer any of your last minute questions.

We have 162 registered, but I also hear from some churches that they have had a cancellation or addition here and there.

We have lots of room so if you have any last minute additions or substitutions, allow them. But please give me a call so that I know what to expect. This is really important for some groups that might need to be moved to a larger room or rearranged as their numbers shift slightly.

Also I would like you to call so that we can discuss how to arrange payment for these changes.  Since our church is on the extreme corner of the state, mail delivery is sometimes too slow to trust with a short time limit. To accommodate this I may give instructions for payment to be brought with you instead of mailed in.  Also note we expect to repay you for manageable numbers of cancellations, this will be mailed out to you shortly after the event is done.

Let me tell you a little bit about the registration process. First the camp will not allow you entrance until 4:00 pm. Please try to arrive and be registered after 4:00 pm and before 6:00 pm. Any time in that window is fine.

On the forms page of the website we have a map of the camp you can download and floor plans of the buildings we are using as well. It is a good idea to print the map and bring it with you. When you arrive and your people are accounted for, the leader should go to Ironhorse. We will do registration in the lobby.

First that leader will receive a list of the men we have registered for your church.  He will mark them as either 1) arrived, 2) expected later, or 3) cancelled.  This form will also have room for you to fill in the names of any additions or substitutions. The camp does not allow us to charge for partial stays.  Anyone who stays one night or eats one meal we will be paying the camp full price for.

We will then give you your shirts, based on the information we had at the t-shirt deadline. We will give you name tags with the agenda on the back for all of your men, although any last minute changes will be hand printed.  Finally we will give you your cabin assignments.

Move your stuff into your rooms and then relax.

Perhaps head to Williams for a light dinner.  Friday dinner is not included in the schedule, although there is a pizza snack at 9:00 pm that is pretty close to a meal. Be back with plenty of time to be seated in Ironhorse for the first session promptly at 7:00 pm.

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