T Shirt Deadline and Updates

We have just passed the T-shirt deadline.  Anyone who signs up for Men’s retreat now will not be able to get a T-shirt unless they buy it from the gift shop, and there will be a very limited number available there.

We have about 160 men signed up at this point. There is plenty of room for people to still sign up.  If you add people, please contact me to give me details as soon as practical.  Of course, if you wish to set a deadline in your church, feel free to administrate your guys as you see fit.

The question has been asked about what to bring with you, and there is a short answer on the downloadable brochure, but let me include a longer answer below.

Bring warm weather clothes and cold weather clothes, as it can be both within a few hours of each other. 

Bring shade hats, sun screen and solid walking shoes. Even if you think you will not do any rec, you probably will.  There are lots of options for different levels of activity.

Bring swim trunks and your own beach towel for the pool, hot tub, and blob.

You don’t need bedding because the camp provides linens and a shower towel. But if you want, bring your own pillow, if you’re easily chilled bring an extra blanket.  The rooms have good heating, but no AC, that is done by opening windows.  

Bring phones and phone chargers, but don’t rely on a phone for your Bible. The WiFi is good but not so good that 100 men can load a passage simultaneously.

Be absolutely sure to bring everything you need medically CPAP, medicines, canes, and more.  BE AWARE, each room has a switch that turns off lights and another switch that turns off outlets.  Not a nice surprise for the guys with CPAP, phones charging and so on to have their electricity turned off in the middle of the night.

Bring a flashlight to keep by your bed for a late night bathroom run. The rooms are well lit in the evening but the camp goes very dark later in the night.  Bring foam ear plugs because men snore. You may think you can’t sleep with them in, but you probably can.  You likely cannot sleep without them.

Bring your Bible and your own notes system, likely notepad and pen. 

Bring extra money for food while traveling, and for the two love offerings.  One will benefit speaker and music team.  The other will benefit collegiate ministries doing the serving.  Their ministry to us is why such a quality camp is so inexpensive.

Bring a positive attitude and a courageous spirit to try new things, but don’t push courage to foolishness. Bring a sense of camaraderie to be willing to be with, and do things with the other men. We often leave home Friday to have a couple of hours at a lake.  Taking the time to get out of valley mindset and into mountain mode before the retreat is very helpful.

Don’t bring alcohol, illegal drugs, or firearms. If you have firearms secure them where out of sight and locked such as a trunk. If you incorporate shooting off campus as a part of your trip, we specifically inform you we will not cover any liability for that activity. 

If you want to fish, you can do so either Friday before we start or Saturday afternoon during Rec time. Check the forest service stocking schedule to pick which lake to visit.  Often White Horse is the best choice. You cannot fish in the ponds at the camp.

I am so looking forward to our time together.  Thank you to everyone who has helped in recruiting men, helping on site, and making the transition smoother.


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