More Updates

As the dates get closer for the retreat, let me give you some updates.


Preparations coming together

At this point we have our medic in place.The Blob

The camp is doing some work on the playing field, as a way of making up for the inconvenience they are providing the lifeguards for the pool and the blob.  So we have our lifeguards.

Later today I am going to go meet with a sound tech from a neighboring church and expect to have our sound tech secured.

The speaker, Dr. David Johnson, has told me that he has his messages ready to go.

The music team touched base with me just yesterday, and has also been in touch with the speaker to design the worship music around the speaker’s messages.

Christian Challenge, our AZSBC collegiate ministry, is getting together the work crew. Which will work in the kitchen, snack areas, and serve the meals.


Recreation opportunitiesTumbling Towers

The camp has some big fun rec opportunities such as the zip line, pool, giant swing and more.

We have made a Tumbling Towers game for the event. I expect to also have a couple of other games.

If any of you want to bring such things, feel free.  But remember football type activities are limited this time because of the work on the main playing field. Also remember the camp has Frisbee Golf, Horseshoes, Basketball, Volleyball and a game room with pool, ping pong and lots more.


Registration Continuing

As the t-shirt deadline approaches on April 13, let me encourage you to get your men’s information to me prior to this deadline. Registrations that are finalized after this date will not be able to get in on the tshirt order.

I heard from yet another church just yesterday. I am excited to say that registration is continuing and that several more churches are expecting to send in registrations in the next little while.

We do not appear to be in danger of filling up, but it is still a possibility.  If you have additional registrations after April 13, please call me to confirm space.


Administrative Details

As the lead person for this camp I am trying to stay available as much as possible. However I have a trip coming up from April 4-11 that will have me intermittently out the range of cell towers.  If you need to reach me during this time leave a message by either cell or email and when I should always be able to respond within a couple of days.

One final note I am scheduling a meeting at the camp, on Saturday afternoon for leaders, pastors, or anyone interested in helping this event happen again in future years.  Please consider joining me and becoming a part of a team to keep the momentum going.

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