Two Months Out

It has been a little while since I posted here, so let me give you an update. This week we had forty reservations come in for the Retreat. Excited to see the total number edging up.

Remember that the TShirts will be ordered on April 13. So we need your men’s details and their final payment by that date. It doesn’t appear we will fill up though, so I expect that we will be able to take registrations after that date. Of course those late registrations will not get a tshirt.

We are now within 2 months of the retreat and within one month of the TShirt deadline. The camp is now speaking to me about final details. Since this is my first time through an event like this I am learning as I go.

In regards to future years, we have a tentative plan on dates and speakers for 2016. We will however need a slightly larger group to make it happen. I will be seeking a meeting with the Men’s Leaders and Pastors who attend the retreat so that we can form a team to organize next year’s event.

Although I don’t really know what size the group will end up finally being this year. Since others are promoting the retreat too, it is still possible that we will have churches sign up that I am not aware of yet. I am praying for this. I would love to see our attendance be around 200.

As always: forms are available on the forms tab, since it is a blog type site you can thumb back through all past posts for more information, and you are free to contact me directly if you have questions. fbcftmojaveaz @ or 928-727-9024

One final note, I have added a request to my prayers as I saw the flu bug greatly accelerating in our area. I have been praying that I would not get sick across the retreat, even though I have been spending a lot of time around sick people. Lesson learned. Next year I will pray not to get sick across Easter or the Men’s Retreat.

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