Registration Reminders

A couple reminders

First, slot registration is open and moving along well. You can reserve slots by sending in deposits with a Participating Church Agreement. Make the check payable to First Baptist Church, Ft. Mohave. We are holding the contract with the camp and will manage paying them, and the others expenses of the event. Registration for slots will remain open until we run out of slots. Slots are held on a first deposit to arrive basis.

Second remember that tshirts will be ordered one month prior to the event. So prior to April 13, 2015 send in your check for the remainder of the funds. At this time we must need shirt sizes and names so that we can order the shirts and make name tags. Any registrations that come in after this date will not get shirts.

Registrations after this date are likely to still be possible, but please call me at 928-727-9024 before sending in any late registrations. You can also send me substitutions if someone in your group cannot attend and someone else is taking their place. This will allow us to make a correct nametag, but of course we cannot guarantee their shirt will be the right size.

Some of the registration information is for your use. Please keep a copy of the names, the cell phones they are traveling with, and emergency contact information. These items are for your use during the event. If you send this additional information to us, we will attempt to have a spare copy available, but if this information becomes needed for any reason we will expect your leaders to do the follow up.

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