Men’s Retreat Updates

In the last few days I have heard back from the camp several times on different items.

The camp is going to provide two lifeguards. Normally we have to provide our own lifeguards in order to keep the pool and the blob open, but not this time around. This makes the recreation time a lot more enjoyable being able to do the different activities and then go jump in the hot tub pool and lake to cool off.

We will however need to have a camper who is willing to serve as the camp medic. This person must be either a doctor, nurse or paramedic. If one person takes on the entire timeframe as the camp medic their attendance is free. If we can locate two people to attend as camp medics who then split the responsibilities in half they will each get their cost reduced by half.

Another news item is that we are already working on a date and speaker for next year. I expect we will be ready to announce these items on the final day of this year’s camp. It is entirely likely that next year we will be able to provide an even better experience by being the primary group. If you would like to see this happen then talk to your church and neighboring AZSBC churches to maximize attendance this year.

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