Recreation at the Retreat

The BlobI hope that you are planning on attending our men’s retreat this year. Slot reservations are coming in and I am excited to see what the Lord is doing.

Let me tell you some things that will help you in recruiting for the event. Let me remind you there is great recreation opportunities at this camp. When we bring men, especially young men, they are always attracted by the recreation. Zip lines, the giant swing, climbing walls, and more, make it fun for the younger and more active guys.

In our church the young men are in the minority.

Here is an observation that is likely true in your church, as well. The older men get excited about attending when they see the younger men excited about attending. Recreation is a part of what draws men. But this truth might mislead us into thinking that all of the recreation at the camp is for young men.

There are already a number of other opportunities which are designed for the not as young men. Everything from the hot tub to the coffee shop can be great gathering places. They can play horseshoes,  frisbee golf, or one of my favorites, they can nap. In addition to these regular things, I am working toward bringing some other forms of less strenuous recreation such as cornhole, and oversized Jenga. The experience is designed with a large window of time to allow for this reacreation, and I want everyone to be able to make the most of it.

As always you can contact me at if you have questions.  My cell phone is also available  to you 928-727-9024. Finally if you haven’t looked through the forms tab up above, it has a number of downloadable tools for you to use.

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