Registration updates

I am happy to say that I’ve had frequent calls this week from churches who are preparing checks to send in and hold slots. The most common question is who to make the check out to. First Baptist Church is holding the contract with Lost Canyon, so make the check to us, First Baptist Church, Ft. Mojave. We will continue to administrate the details with the camp, speakers, and will pay the expenses for each of these from the funds that come in.

Remember that slots are awarded on a first come first served basis as the checks reserving the slots arrive here. I don’t expect we will fill up in the next couple of weeks, but I do expect we will at some point in the future.

One or two people have questioned why we don’t reserve slots based solely on verbal commitment, or why we set the deposit on a per slot basis. Without trying to put all of the math in front of you let me explain that I cannot in good conscience ask my church to take the entire risk alone.

Here is what I suggest if you are concerned about unused slots. Notice we have no minimum. Therefore you can send in one deposit a week if you only get one reservation that week. The lack of a minimum was designed to allow small churches to participate, but it also allows churches to minimize risk by reserving slots as their men ask for them. Of course, it is inconvenient to send in several checks instead of one, but if your overarching concern is safety over convenience this option is open to you.

My expectation is that nobody will lose their deposits. We have a minimum number of slots we are obligated to pay for. Once that minimum number of attenders is surpassed, we will be able to transfer unused slots to other churches and refund your deposit after the event. Notice that these plans require that all the churches involved have a cooperative spirit and communicate with us as needed.

Remember that you can email me at or call at 928-727-9024 if you have questions. Also please use the publicity materials from the forms tab above, and if you have not done so you would benefit from perusing past articles added to this website.


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