First Baptist Church, Fort Mojave, is an SBC congregation in the Northwest corner of Arizona.  For several years they brought growing groups of men to retreats hosted by non-SBC organizations at Lost Canyon, the Young Life Camp in Williams.

Every year the pastor would feel as if Arizona Southern Baptist churches should be doing a program like this for themselves. Frequently he would check the camp for availability and costs, but invariably they were full or the hurdles seemed to be to great. However after attending their normal retreat in 2015, the church learned that there was a slot open in 2016.

It was the perfect time of year. It was the best facility imaginable. The costs were reasonable. So the church made the commitment to pull together a men’s retreat. The dates are May 13-15, 2016, which is the weekend after Mother’s Day. The costs will be around $125 per person.  The limits are that we will need between 125 and 200 men to attend.  If we fail to reach 125 men the church is on the line for the costs.  We must limit ourselves to 200 men maximum.

Watch here for more information.

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