Welcome to our website.  This site is to promote both men’s ministry and our men’s retreat. I hope you will join us for MMR2019.

If you wonder why we call it MMR, it is shortened from Metamorphosis Men’s Retreat.  If that made you think of bullfrogs or butterflies, you are getting the wrong idea. Instead the idea comes from Romans 12:1-2, there is a detailed explanation on the Why Metamorphosis Men Page.

MMR2018 is now done and over.

Here is a link to the Camp Video and to a Photo Album and Dr. Roger Daniel’s Notes.  Dr. Daniel’s referenced Richard Foster’s book The Celebration of Discipline.

We are still working on next year’s retreat, but visit the About MMR2019 page to see our progress.

If you have any unanswered questions, have a suggestion or just want to say hi – visit the Contact Us Page.